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Our exhibiting artists

Ed Wilson print

Ed Wilson

Ed was an established Suffolk-based printmaker. Ed’s prints are founded on rhythms and asymmetrical intervals inspired by often ignored everyday objects and events.

Ed trained at Winchester School of Art and University of Wales, Cardiff – he exhibited widely in the UK and his work is held in public and private collections in England, Wales, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

Julian King-Salter

Julian has exhibited widely, and regularly supplied work to leading Galleries throughout mainland UK. his earlier pots are still stocked and sold by some of these, and also in New York.

His work is in private collections in Europe, USA (including the Grainer Collection), Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, and in public collections in UK and Europe.

Harriet Doherty painting

Harriet Doherty

After completing a degree in Philosophy and Politics at the University of Manchester, she went on to study portrait painting at The Heatherley School Of Fine Art, London in 2014. Here she received the Thomas Heatherley Painting Prize for her final year’s work. She is now based in London and the Sussex Coast, near Hastings.

Chris Keenan

Chris’s work has been exhibited widely across the UK and internationally. Held in the permanent collections of several museums including the V&A, the Ashmolean and the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art in Japan, he has also undertaken residencies in the UK and Japan and has been teaching ceramics since 2011.

Chris Keenan ceramic
Sun Kim ceramic

Sun Kim

Sun Kim is a Korean ceramicist born in Saudi Arabia. She received her first BA in Fine Arts in Brazil where she grew up. Following that she continued her studies in ceramics, graduating with a second BA from Alfred University, New York in 2003. In 2004 she moved to the UK to undertake a studio assistantship with Edmund de Waal. In 2007, she set up her own practice in South London where she is currently based.

Luke King-Salter

Luke grew up in rural West Wales and east coast Australia, whose wildernesses inform his self-taught form of artistic expression, alongside his academic background in philosophy, anthropology and a PhD in comparative literature at the University of Edinburgh in 2020. On this joint basis he creates abstract art which deals with what cannot easily be put in words, yet is underpinned by his wide knowledge and technical expertise.

Carina Ciscato ceramic

Carina Ciscato

Carina Ciscato is a Brazilian potter from Sao Paulo who works in South London. She has worked in the studio of Julian Stair and Edmund de Waal, and has exhibited internationally with work in public collections, including the V&A and the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art in Japan.

Anita Clipston

A multi talented British/ Canadian artist and educator living in New York, Anita Clipston describes herself as ‘The Restless Artist’. Trained in the UK in graphic design, modelling and animation, she went on to study Fine Art in New York, where she has exhibited regularly. The work being shown here is a series of abstracts, both named and unnamed, demonstrating wide ranging and original technique with a strong sense of colour, space and composition, illuminating an inner landscape'

mousehole rock pool.jpg

Adam Cornish

Adam is an award-winning architect and artist based in London and North Norfolk. He is primarily a painter of abstract landscapes whose work represents his relationship with the landscape, and more specifically the hinterland between the sea and land. Adam’s work acknowledges the legacy of both the St Ives painters of the 1950-60's and mid-century expressionism.

Malcolm Cleaver

 Malcolm has been woodturning since 2015 (after retiring

 from managing an engineering design consultancy) and

 it soon became his passion. He has developed a unique

 style, and specialises particularly in turning green wood,

 modifying over time as the work dries out, then

 sometimes embellishing with texture, carving,

 pyrography, and colour, according to the moment. An

 amateur in the original sense, of one who works out of

 love and creative imperative, rather than primarily to

 make a living, his level of skill and application are utterly

 professional. He exhibits, demonstrates and teaches

 both online and in person, and is chairman of Berkshire

 Woodturners Association.

Black and white vase by Wokingham artist James Corfield

James Corfield

Introducing James Corfield, a potter from Wokingham who has studied ceramics in Camberwell since 2019. James was trained by gallery artist Carina Ciscato. 

Beverley Bartlett

Bev calls her work ‘Science in silver’. Having a science degree she looks to the natural world, sometimes even at a molecular and conceptual level, for her design inspiration. Made by hand, her designs are elegant, merging, flowing shapes with subtle textures. Many pieces feature unique textured surfaces, highlighted by the process of depletion gilding, combined with contrasting polished elements She works mostly, but not exclusively, in silver, and in addition to her themed ranges of pendants, earrings, bangles and brooches, Bev is happy to discuss and undertake individual commissions in silver and gold.

beverley necklaces for oky.jpeg

Peter Privett

A textile artist, Peter works with wool and silk, often spinning, weaving, and dyeing the threads by hand. He is also committed to hand sewing and to exploring the meditative and spiritual qualities involved in the whole process . He is self taught and over the years has been involved in many community group and solo textile and art exhibitions and projects throughout the country,  mainly in Community Centres and Cathedrals. Many of his pictures are in private ownership.

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